Scholastic Aptitude Test.

SAT exam is a universally recognized American test.
There are two types of tests:
First: it is the general and accepted test, which is required in the Turkish universities, which we will specifically mention.
Second: It is an advanced and specialized subject of a total of 19 specialization is not required and is not mentioned in the sites of Turkish universities at all, any mention of a test in the Turkish universities meant the first test.

Every several years changes are made in the test but these changes are in the test policy and the method of calculating the grades is more than the change in the platform.

In general, the test consists of three parts:

First: Mathematics Section .

The topics are relatively simple and simple compared to the curricula of the majority of public secondary schools in different Arab countries, but the factor that may be a bit difficult task is:
The time available to answer questions is about one minute and twenty-five seconds per question, but by calculating the time available for the mathematics department and dividing it into the number of questions. Therefore, you are not bound by this minute and twenty-five seconds because you may benefit by solving the questions quickly and quickly. , And math questions include the following axes:

  1. Number and operations
  2. Algebra and Functions
  3. Geomerty and measurement
  4. Data analysis and statistics and probability

Second: Critical Reading Section.

The test questions include a variety of humanities, such as literary novels, social sciences, and natural sciences, and are therefore Western vocabulary and have not passed on to most of us, even those who think themselves fluent in English.

For example, in one of the lectures prepared for the SAT test in the United States of America for American students: Do not worry if you see many vocabulary that you did not pass you did not hear before you can go beyond and know the general meaning without knowing the meaning of these vocabulary.
Therefore, this is for students whose English is the mother tongue.
We do not underestimate anyone in the language proficiency or difficult to do it, but this is to clarify and prepare well for that stage of the test section related to English.
In the books of SAT test, lists of the most common vocabulary in this test are available.
Among them is the list of the most popular 3500 words and a list of 1000 words.

Third: Writing Section Section.

As for the writing department, it focuses mainly on English grammar. The majority of questions focus on improving a particular text through several options to replace the sentences within the text or the rest of the text as it is. The article is also part of the writing class, which is compulsory in the test. The test during registration on the test on the website and has a degree independent of the degree of writing.

The universities in Turkey are focusing on the mathematics and the Koran sections in their reliance on the requirements to enter and compete on the seats of their colleges and departments and you have a high degree of differentiation. The universities require a minimum of two sections to apply for admission and compete in the trade-off competition. If you specify a minimum of mathematics, To remind the Department of writing in the requirements of Turkish universities with the exception of one or two universities of low-level universities where these universities have requested a minimum grade of minimum to apply to the writing department, noting that all information contained in this period belongs to The current issue of the SAT exam is the new version, in which the degree of the reading and writing departments will be shared in one grade. There is no information available about the university requirements for this issue.

The appropriate length of time for preparation of the SAT exam is between 4-7 months, and for preparing the SAT exam many books are used by students to study in private courses in specialized institutes.