Academic success starts here

Step One

Knowledge of the academic and preparatory programs available in each university and each country is important to complete the process of progress to universities successfully and without obstacles

Facts and figures

Each academic year completed by the student will increase his or her future income by a percentage of :

10 %

Academic and educational growth has witnessed remarkable progress in the last 10 years in the world and in the Middle East in particular. Among these countries, Turkey, Malaysia and Canada are among the leading countries in the educational sector, such as the European Union,

Facts and figures

Each year, the number of students from all over the comint to UK for studying around


It is estimated that twice that number travels to the countries of Turkey, Canada and Malaysia for the purpose of study and completion of educational achievement abroad, which gives us a vision of the importance of follow-up educational achievement in the countries outside today

Step Two

Knowing the important exams that entitle you to join university tradeoffs, in addition to the terms and rules set by each university, is also an important factor in raising student opportunities

Step Three

To observe the conditions of travel and to issue a visa to the country where the student wishes to travel and to make sure that all such procedures are completed before the completion of the university confirmation periods