IELTS Certificate

SAT exam is a universally recognized American test.
This certificate is awarded to anyone who has completed the IELTS test regardless of its degree. Here is not a success or a drop but a degree awarded to you Each university decides   The degree to which they accept that certificate.

IELTS is a global certificate in English It is a shortcut to The International English Language Testing System

It is considered one of the most reliable exams in the world. This test was established in 1989 and is British in origin, unlike the TOEFL.
The test is divided into 4 parts: listening - reading - writing - speaking

Listening & reading & writing is the same day and there is no break between exams. The speaking test will be either the same day or two days before or after the exam.

This certificate helps universities and colleges select students who have good English language skills so they can later enroll in university or similar courses.

There are two types of testing

The first is the academic (Academic)
It is suitable for university students and tests their English language proficiency.
The second is General (General)
It is suitable for those who have the desire to add the certificate in the CV as an enhancement, and does not require the test any special abilities and complex as in the academic IELTS, which means less difficult!

After selecting and submitting the test type, the maximum final score will be 9, the certificate is valid for two years from the date of issue, and you will be renewed for another test.

TOEFL Certificate

Is a test in English for non-native speakers or who use it as a second language to measure their degree of proficiency

Source of this test?

This test is offered by a global center in the United States of America called the Educational Testing Service.

What is its importance?

TOEFL test is a measure of language control and how to use it.
In other words, if you pass this test, you are able to enter any university in the world where the language of instruction is English, such as Britain and America, as well as Turkish universities.

It is a test that is considered as a measure of your proficiency in English. The test is carried out by the Board of Graduate Studies in the administration.

What types of TOEFL?

Internet Based TOEFL
Which is the latest on the computer and it is easier compared to the second type of TOEFL test to the variety of forms of questions, but you will be restricted to refer to the questions and reviewed as the computer will not allow you to this  

Paper-Based Testing
It is done in a traditional way with paper and pen. This method is harder but gives more measurable results