Tassjel Electronic System

This system was built in collaboration with highly experienced programmers based on the Ruby on Rails programming language to ensure speed and maintain the high level of security and privacy of subscriber accounts.

What distinguishes Tassjel Electronic System is the simple interfaces and availability in Arabic and English in addition to linking to mobile applications available in Google Play and Apple Store and ensures that these applications keep the student updated with the latest developments on his profile             In addition to access to all data and information on his file in an easy and fast way and more many advantages that will be available to the student immediately starting to create a file using Tassjel Electronic System.

An overview of the steps in the electronic Tassjel system

  • Step One


    Create a student account for the first time

    This is done through the registration form available on each page of the site under the Login tab

  • Step Two


    Confirm student account

    An activation message will send to the student's e-mail to confirm the validity of the account

  • Step Three


    Create student file

    This process is done after the student has access to his control panel within Tassjel system, filling out the fields and loading the documents as indicated and required

  • Step Four


    Choosing a student for his or her university

    After completing the data file, the student will be transferred to the choice of wishes page where a mechanism has been added to select three wishes

  • Step Five


    Complete student file and conduct special studies for him

    In this step, it is ascertained that all data and documents for the student file have been completed and that special studies have been conducted by the studies department and the student is provided with these studies

  • Step Six


    Choose the appropriate package

    This step is done through the Membership tab and one of the packages is selected

  • Step Seven


    Translation and certification stage

    Student file managers within Tassjel company in this step will translate and certify all documents relating to the student file and prepare them for university submission

  • Step Eight


    University application stage

    This process begins with the process of presenting the student's file for the university tradeoffs according to the wishes chosen by the student and under the terms of the package previously selected by him

  • Step Nine


    Postgraduate Admission Procedures

    This stage begins if one of the application forms for admission to the university is accepted and is carried out through several procedures which are presented to the student by our employees

  • Stage Ten


    Student visa and airport transfer

    Upon completion of the registration of the student registration, consultations shall be provided to the student on the subject of the visa, which will help him to enter the country that has been accepted, in addition to the transfer of the student from the airport to his university campus