Country : Turkey
City : Eskişehir
University Sector : state


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Founded in 1958, Anadolu University incorporates 14 faculties,5 Graduate Schools, a School of Music and Drama, 4 Vocational Schools. It offers qualified and modern education to its students at the Yunus Emre Campus. With 25 research centers and 15 research-development-application units. It has universal values, and nationally and internationally experienced 2000 instructors and guest instructors who are prominent in the fields of science and arts. It has many Social Facilities such as accommodation areas, cafeterias, canteens, restaurants, clubs and cafes on campus. Also, it offers tennis courts, sport centers, gyms, swimming pools and soccer fields. You will breathe the joy in the air during spring festivals; all the things that you can add to your life besides your education are at Anadolu University.

Contact Information

Phone 1 : 00902223350580
Phone 2 : 00902223350580
Fax : 00902223353616
Website : Click Here
Email : gensek@anadolu
Full Address : Yunusemre Kampusü, 26470 ESKİŞEHİR

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