Country : Turkey
City : Artvin
University Sector : state


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Artvin Coruh University, offering higher an educational service that is strengthened by the internal and external quality processes, was founded on May 17th, 2007. Artvin Coruh University aims to raise people senses and minds to tackle problems of the country and the world. The principal vision of Artvin Coruh University is the participation of the academicians and students in the governance of the university and the educational enrichment of scientists and professionals. Artvin Coruh University gives the opportunity to students studying abroad. The most important project in this context is Erasmus Mobility Program financially supported by the European Union. The university has 20000 students, and about 13000 professors and lecturers. The university also includes 8 facilities, 2 institutes, 6 vocational schools and 5 centers of scientific research.

Contact Information

Phone 1 : 00904662151000
Phone 2 : 00904662151000
Fax : 00904662151055
Website : Click Here
Email :
Full Address : President’s Office of Artvin Coruh University 08100, Seyitler, Centrum, Artvin, Turkey

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