Country : Turkey
City : Şanlıurfa
University Sector : state


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On 9 July 1992, in accordance with parliamentary law No. 3837, the University of Harran was established and its faculties and educational departments were expanded. The based on the current government of 29 July 2007 and pursuant to Parliamentary Law No. 26597, a large number of educational colleges were established. The University is also equipped with 15 laboratories and research centers. Harran University has a large campus consisting of large green areas, restaurants, cafés, gymnasium, free pool for students and a large number of halls for public student conferences. The campus also provides student accommodation for students who are enrolled in the university, and the accommodation is equipped with all the services that provide a suitable environment for students to study. The students in three institutes enroll to get degrees toward Master's or Ph.D. Over 800 faculty members serve in about 70 different departments/programs to a population of 12000 students. In Harran University, the language of education is Turkish. An educational system of two-semesters is followed.

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Full Address : Yenişehir Yerleşkesi, 63300 Şanlıurfa

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