Country : Turkey
City : Yalova
University Sector : state


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Yalova University has been established in 2008 due to the need of a university in Yalova that became a province in 1995. Yalova University started education under the leadership Rector M. Niyazi ERUSLU. The new university aims to provide education with the innovative departments needed by our country. with its success and difference, it competed with other strong universities. With its strong academic and experienced administrative personnel, national and international strong relations and geographical advantage, the university has been aiming to possess social and technical departments which are leading now in all fields.

Contact Information

Phone 1 : 00902268155000
Phone 2 : 00902268155000
Fax :
Website : Click Here
Email :
Full Address : Yalova Üniversitesi Merkez Yerleşkesi, Çınarcık Yolu Üzeri

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